grégoire per­ri­er.


Cooper­ate Iden­tity (logo, busi­ness card) and web­site
Spring 2009
Par­is, FRANCE

Early 2009, pho­to­graph­er Grégoire Per­ri­er asked me to design his per­son­al logo and an online port­fo­lio.

The design of the logo refers to the typeface that was used on the book cov­er of one of his favour­ite nov­els “Auréli­en” by Louis Aragon, clas­sic & simple.

The web­site is inten­ded primar­ily for pro­fes­sion­als or a pub­lic that already has a sens­it­iv­ity to aes­thet­ic con­cerns.

The aim of the site is to present works & col­lab­or­ated pro­jects that reflect the think­ing pro­cess of the artist and rep­res­ent the core idea of neut­ral, clas­sic and nov­el­ist­ic.

It was designed to his wish of cre­at­ing a nov­el like show­case, com­posed with his pho­to­graphy works in chapters, each chapter being one mont­age of fantasy.
(new win­dow redir­ects to archived ver­sion)

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