hong kong les­bi­an & gay film fest­iv­al 2009 (ori­gin­al edit).

HONG KONG LES­BI­AN & GAY FILM FEST­IV­AL 2009 (Ori­gin­al Edit)

Audio Visu­al (cine­mat­ic trail­er mont­ages)
Autumn 2009
Hong Kong, HONG KONG

In Septem­ber 2009 & Octo­ber 2010, mis­ter Joe Lam, dir­ect­or of the Hong Kong Les­bi­an and Gay Film Fest­iv­al, com­mis­sioned me to cre­ate the trail­ers to be shown before each fea­ture film screen­ing in cinemas.

The trail­ers were cre­ated with foot­ages from the festival’s fea­ture and in a mont­age with the music track I chose.

2 ver­sions (ori­gin­al & all-audi­ances) have been cre­ated for HKLGFF 2009 and 1 ver­sion has been cre­ated for HKGLFF 2010.

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