Motion pic­tures (video with sound)
 Win­ter 2006

 (A col­lab­o­ra­tive project with Mar­ta Krechlová)

  In Win­ter 2006, design­er Jil­ia & artist Joffe assign us a project in title “Make-up”.

 Make-up is about how the idea of trans­for­ma­tion, the rela­tion­ship between the con­cept of “sur­face”, “inner core” & “pre­judge­ment”; how we are so com­fort­able to our gen­er­al idea of objects & happenings.

 We took an ordi­nary sub­ject, and inter­act­ed with it as if it were an anoth­er unre­lat­ed object, and this instant­ly takes us out of our com­fort zone.

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