Winter 2006

Motion Pic­ture ( video without sound )

Video art­work pro­ject assigned by artist & ment­or Uta Eis­en­reich, in title theme “Self-Image”.

Self-Image is about how the val­id idea of one­self in one’s own eyes and the other’s, the rela­tion­ship between them, how we have our own idea of ourselves, how do we think or want oth­er people see us, and how do oth­er people actu­ally per­ceive us.

The video was filmed in the style that we usu­ally see on tele­vi­sion with anonym­ous inter­viewees in their back­lit shad­ows. It ques­tions about how real­ist­ic from our con­scious­ness of self-image and how reli­able is our con­struc­tion of one’s image from the “facts” being presen­ted to all of us.

It is a cros­sov­er between fic­tion and real­ity and most of the times a pathet­ic fantasy.


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