TiTi Kwan Paris


Spring 2008
Par­is, FRANCE

Cooper­ate Iden­tity ( logo, prints, graph­ics and visu­als ), invit­a­tions, look books and UX/UI Design

Brand iden­tity and image for Parisi­an tail­or ready-to-wear brand TiTi Kwan Paris.

The pro­ject includes cre­at­ing the logo of the brand, brand tag for the gar­ment, gar­ment care-hand­ling tag, look books, busi­ness cards, news­let­ter, let­ter­head tem­plates for quo­ta­tion, invoice, receipt & website.
The design for the iden­tity is to have a feel­ing of mod­ern lux­uri­ous unor­din­ary chic.


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