Tosca — Vissi d’arte (to Ugo F. Turcio).


  Audio Visu­al (video with music track)
 Spring 2016
 some­where between HONG KONG and THE NETHERLANDS

  Video ded­i­cates to dear late good friend, Ugo Francesco Tur­cio (20th Jan­u­ary 1962, Pale­mo, Italy — 10th April 2016, Tilburg, The Netherlands).
 With sopra­no aria track from Tosca act 2 by Gia­co­mo Puc­ci­ni, sung by Maria Callas as Flo­ria Tosca.


Vis­si d’arte, vis­si d’amore,
non feci mai male ad ani­ma viva!
Con man furtiva
quante mis­erie conob­bi aiutai.

Sem­pre con fe’ sincera
la mia preghiera
ai san­ti taber­na­coli salì.
Sem­pre con fe’ sincera
die­di fiori agli altar.

Nel­l’o­ra del dolore
per­ché, per­ché, Signore,
per­ché me ne rimuneri così?

Die­di gioiel­li del­la Madon­na al manto,
e die­di il can­to agli astri, al ciel,
che ne ridean più belli.
Nel­l’o­ra del dolore,
per­ché, per­ché, Signor,
ah, per­ché me ne rimuneri così?

(Eng­lish translation)

I lived for art, I lived for love,
I nev­er harmed a liv­ing soul!
With a dis­creet hand
I relieved all mis­for­tunes I encountered.

Always with sin­cere faith
my prayer
rose to the holy tabernacles.
Always with sin­cere faith
I dec­o­rat­ed the altars with flowers.

In this hour of grief,
why, why, Lord,
why do you reward me thus?

I donat­ed jew­els to the Madon­na’s mantle,
and offered songs to the stars and heaven,
which thus shone with more beauty.
In this hour of grief,
why, why, Lord,
ah, why do you reward me thus?

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